Neurofeedback Products

We offer two products that can help you guide your clients to lasting results quickly.

Neuro-Gen HPN

The Neuro-Gen HPN process utilizes a patented sequence of minute feedback pluses, carefully selected and timed to acquire and maintain the brain's attention, and rapidly tease it into a more efficient way of operating. The device is light-weight, small and can be used with a computer in an office setting. Client sessions are 30-45 minutes. The protocols allow the tailoring of a personalized approach for each client.

DavaRay Nanobeam 940

The photonic stimulator derives its name from using photonic, or light, emission to trigger, or stimulate, a biological response.  Photonic Stimulation utilizes diffuse infrared light for the stimulation of certain biological responses. The DavaRay NanoBeam 940 is quite possibly the most intense infrared emitting device in its class on the market, and has received FDA approval for use by licensed healthcare professionals.

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